1. Narrate the story that is convincing & simple yet displays best linguistic skills.

2. Videos and Pictures are the best form of connecting. Your investment is worth here.

3. Ensure you have provided all the information needed for someone to trust you and donate money.

4. Provide the background of why you are involved and how you will see through the success of this project

5. Take professional help in creating content, pictures, videos and to engage in social media.

6. Ensure that duration of the project and money required are realistic. Best is to start a project for 30days and well justified breakup of the amount required is provided.

7. Ensure no religious or patriotic sentiments are hurt.

8. Ensure laws of the land are adhered to


1. Don’t submit information that is not accurate and complete

2. Don’t provide information that is not approved by the beneficiaries

3. Don’t submit sub-standard pictures or videos and those where you don’t have the permission to use.

4. Dont create a project that does not align with any of the 17 sustainable development goals.



1. Start strong, be active on social media, email friends, speak on the phone, meet them personally and do not forget to share the project link

2. Provide atleast 4 to 6 updates to engage the community

3. Acknowledge the support from the contributors with Thank you messages

4. First 3 days and Last 3 days are crucial to generate maximum funds.

5. Add rewards to project

6. Reach out to ImpactGlocal team for professional help in marketing the project


1. Don't enter into arguments with the critics. Provide them with justifying answers and handle situations gracefully

2. Don’t make frequent changes to the project. Its unfair to those who have paid prior to these changes

3. Don’t make unsolicited engagements with supporters.

4. Don’t delay responses to the information sought by the supporters

Post Campaign


1. Show your gratitude to those who supported on completion of the fundraising

2. Provide the utilisation of the funds status to the cause and its impact

3. Send out the rewards and Tax benefit certificates if applicable

4. Be super responsive on supporter queries

5. Make sure to post pictures & videos of the impact.


1. Don’t end conversation without a proper reply. Your supporters have the right to ask for information on the project.

2. If the project fails, inform the supporter community and team ImpactGlocal team to provide the account and send out refunds to supporters