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The Women's Water Empowerment Program

Every day women in developing countries walk 16 billion miles to collect/carry water. The Rotary Water Barrel is the immediate solution

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  • Started on 30 May 2018 The Women's Water Empowerment Program

    The Roll Out the Barrel Trust

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The Women's Water Empowerment Program

Every day women in developing countries walk 16 billion miles to collect/carry water. The Rotary Water Barrel is the immediate solution

A Billion Women and children around the world spend up to six hours daily, walking more than 5 miles just to collect enough water to drink, carried on their heads or backs. 


Let's give every woman and child in need a Rotary Water barrel. No more carrying water EVER!



Women, many of them elderly, disabled, infirm or just weary from domestic responsibility often collect their water from long distances, sometimes up to 10/20 km. They carry their own weight in water daily just to survive. Children are not spared this arduous task. They rise early and collect water from remote streams, rivers, swamps, ponds etc. often in dangerous areas with wild animals, at risk of assault and abuse or crossing a major congested trunk road. Occasionally they are able to collect from pumps or wells installed by the bigger NGO’s. They still have to carry it.  

Initially we are funding 1,000 Rotary Barrels to be given to women and children in desperate need...$50 US each.....$50,000


The Roll Out the Barrel Trust already work with a number of partner groups, to empower women and children, including the UN and Rotary International clubs, also they are endorsed by so many people who have worked in the humanitarian sector and have first hand experience of the problems of water collection including Helen Clark (Past Head of United Nations Development Program and ex-Prime Minister of New Zealand)                                             


The Roll Out the Barrel Trust is the only organisation world wide, addressing this issue at this level.  

Everyone that contributes, including companies and groups will have their name placed on the barrel(s) donated as sponsors to women in six areas. East and West Africa, Argentina and Venezuela, Arusha in Tanzania. If the appeal exceeds requirements Mozambique will receive excess. 

The SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS 2030 FOLLOWED ON FROM THE MILLENIUM GOALS 2001. Whilst the ambition of the Millennium goals were not entirely achieved, the SDG 2030 is completely different, addressing problems and issues highlighted by the very people most affected by world events and dynamics. As a result of consultation with a large number of the 7+ billion people on earth, 193 countries got together to agree a way forward to make life more tolerable for the majority of people who do not benefit from the goodness of the earth. This resulted in 16 Development Goals focussing on achievement by 2030. They are already setting things in motion just three years in.  

The Roll Out the Barrel Trust has been working in water and sanitation for a number of years and have concentrated on SDG 6  
Whilst the number of people affected by lack of water, lack of potable water and lack of access to water for hygiene and sanitation has reduced very slightly, the inherent costs of achieving a significant reduction will not be achieved for years to come. 2030 is realistic. 

Until every household has water piped to it, these people will carry water in containers you would not give your pet to drink from. 

The Roll Out the Barrel program brings water security, better health for women and children and considerably less risk of the the effects of carrying heavy weights. The charity is well advanced having distributed over 5,000 Rotary Barrels but to make a more significant impact they are gearing up to increase the number of Rotary Barrels distributed. 

The next objective is to significantly increase the number of barrels given to women and children through partnerships and agencies.

The RoTB Trust give the first barrel to a family as a gift. This gift stops the necessity to carry water ever again. It reduces the collection time by two thirds and makes it easier for children to collect quickly and the benefit is there is less effort and time needed. The long term effects of carrying heavy weights is removed. This includes spine curvature, neck compression, hip displacement and organ damage. For women this reduces the pressure on the womb. For children with soft bones, permanent disfigurement is eliminated.  

The Rotary Barrel is currently widely in use in Africa but can be found around the world in areas where there were emergency situations due to weather etc. The Philippines is an example.  
Where necessary we also supply family water filters. You are welcome to donate funds for one of these on our website  
Thank you from them....Adrian CEO 


Social Impact

The provision of The Rotary Water Barrel to a woman, a family, a community changes the dynamic and provides the ability to not only collect water from safe sources but ensures water security for hygiene and domestic use. The use of the barrel against the carrying of excessive weights over long distances provides medical advantages where carrying weights causes organ dysfunction, especially in women and children and skeletal deformity for children who may carry water from as young as four. Carrying 20 litres of water, often three times a day prevents other social activities. The Rotary Water Barrel ensures that water collection is reduced by two thirds. US Donors will receive a 501 (c) receipt. UK donors can add Gift Aid by submitting their details and Canadian donors will receive a receipt. Reg: UK Charity 1147062 Many of the 5,500 water barrels already distributed have been given to the elderly and disabled of which there is a high percentage in these remote communities.

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